Welcome to my Artwork

I am an artist working from my home studio in Carterton, England. Art is a therapy first and foremost but I have been selling my art since 2019. My art is my own vision but I have gained inspiration from Erin Hanson’s style of Open Impressionism, CS Lowry for his figures & Henderson Cisz for his cityscapes. This technique stands out from the crowd and is gaining much interest globally. My art is available to purchase and also for commissions. 

All enquiries should be emailed to: [email protected]

As mentioned on my home page due to my ill health following an road traffic accident in 2012 I use as art as a therapy. art will always be a therapy first and foremost.

In 2019 I was told I would never be able to work in a normal environment again so the desire to sell my work for an income was a no brainer. I felt well enough to try it and seek help with the other aspects of selling and promoting. Did I ever think it would be this difficult, hell no!

Selling art is without doubt an able bodied persons vocation, but I am proving that selling art as a disabled person can be achieved. I spend time Investigating all possibilities and more than often I am met with silence. I have persevered, I now have things on my side.

I now have my sister as my right hand woman controlling the bits and bobs I struggle with, i.e computer work, contacting, etc. So if you have any enquiries please email her in the first instance. [email protected]

My art styles change with every moment spent in my studio. I use them all for different purposes and they all have the desired effect. I can get very fatigued, so I am learning to pace myself not just in art but with my daily life too.

My art is displayed in Embassies, schools, offices and so many homes around the world.

I have often been described as an inspiration but without the support of my wife I would not be doing this.

My art will be a wonderful purchase.

I look forward to interacting with you in my art.

Darren. dh

Contact Info

My sister is my representative as I no longer have the ability to cope with my art, as well as administration etc.

Please leave a message with your enquiry and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you.